Gambling and betting is a favorite pastime of many people, while some love it so much that they can be called punters, without hesitation. Yet, the world is not slowing down, every bit of it is actually accelerating to meet the ever-faster consumer society. How come, then, people still have time to go and place their bet?

Well, truth be told, most of them don’t but they still find a workaround. This workaround has to do with technology and smartphones and is called mobile betting. Using various applications, whether that of an online casino or third-party apps or sites that promote specific operators such as the Get Lucky Casino, you get access to bookmakers, live action and lots and lots of betting.

Is betting on the go going to replace traditional betting? Unlikely, but here are a couple of reasons why it is booming:

·        Smartphones

Almost everyone has some sort of a smartphone, both the elderly and the children. There are some stragglers here and there who refuse to touch anything that has more functions than your basic call and SMS yet most have embraced the smartphones. The reason for that is convenience.

Having a smartphone enables you to have almost anything at the palm of your hand. All the latest news could be in front of you in seconds, and not just from one news reporter. Information about everything and anything is there for the taking, maps, tutorials and games even, should you want to have some fun while on a train or bus.

Since everyone has a smartphone and is more prone to using their phone rather than sitting still at a computer or waiting in line at a local bookie, the move to betting apps was logical, if not necessary.

·        Monetary gain

While the mobile world is booming, casinos have taken notice of the frequent usage of phones and have taken steps to turn it into profit, hence the mobile apps. Whether you’re gambling from an iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows device, tablet or phone, it doesn’t really matter. Reputable casinos will have an app for you to use, many of them offering you free goodies if you’re a newcomer.

They are not altruistic; however, all of this has one purpose in mind, money. Since more and more people are spending time on their phones, having an app that allows them to easily gamble while in transit, instead of playing games, increases the casinos’ profit.

·        Convenience and reusability

Going five times to a local bookie can eat away hours of your time. Opening your app and checking the results or placing new bets takes far less, 10 minutes at maximum. This allows the punter to enjoy their passion while doing more complex, time-consuming work.

These are but a few reasons that explain why the sudden rise in mobile betting is happening. It has to happen, following the trend and times of smartphones and doing everything on the go. It does not mean, however that casinos will lose business. People who love to gamble and will make time for it, without a doubt.