Creativity requires inspiration, and we can rarely get inspired if we just stick to our everyday routine. This is why it’s important to have a hobby or even better hobbies. By trying out new things, or simply doing what we like we get to enjoy our day, and even learn new things. Hobbies give us the inspiration to pursue what we love and can really focus our thoughts, which is an amazing way to become creative. Here are some of the best hobbies that can spark your imagination. 


If you enjoy reading fiction, mystery, drama, or any genre that’s not an instruction manual for a device, you are doing great mental gymnastics. You are engaged, you theorize, you are searching for answers, and constantly coming up with your version of the story or where you would want it to go. It’s how you get inspired to become a writer and also how you pick up writing tips. 


We learn through play, and good games really rely on us to develop problem-solving skills or think of a creative strategy to win.

Whether it is a video game or a board game, your brain is active and engaged. You are learning and having fun at the same time, not to mention that you are constantly strategizing or thinking about how the game would be even more engaging. 


You cannot be creative if you are not healthy and if your brain cells don’t get enough oxygen.

Yoga is an amazing way to stretch your muscles and get healthy blood circulation throughout the entire body. 

DIY projects 

If you like to craft your own decorations or make your household more unique, you will surely have a lot of fun with DIY projects. People usually start by copying techniques off the internet, but soon you will learn how to utilize your tools and allow your imagination to guide you. You will rarely view items that you are no longer using as trash, you will reimagine them as furniture, ornaments, and all other sorts of things.   

Playing with Lego

Lego blocks are mostly used as toys, but it’s really incredible what you can create with them once you start working outside of instruction manuals. There are museums that contain statues or art pieces created by lego blocks.

So if you like to think in 3D images, legos will boost your creativity for sure. 


Photo editing or photoshopping images can be really fun. Not to mention how it is useful to have that skill nowadays, as you can do all sorts of design jobs using photoshop. It a form of digital art that allows you to view the image and re-imagine it entirely, which results is something really awesome or really funny.