Playing card games is one of the most common group’s pass-time activities, and it sure can be quite an entertaining one. It’s fun, and you will undoubtedly have a couple of good laughs during it, and if you are good, you can even get a quick ego boost. Combine that with a couple of drinks and snacks of your preference, and you can’t go wrong. Most people out there don’t know that much about card games, the possibilities, and the rules. So, here’s a way to find out more about some of the most popular card games you should try at least once in a lifetime. 


This popular card game is called 21 as well. Blackjack starts with every player having two cards in their hands, and the goal is to get the 21 counts out of those cards or as close to that as possible. Besides, the dealer’s hand shouldn’t be higher than yours – in which case you lose. It’s a faster-paced card game that can be fun when there are multiple players around.

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This is an entertaining and simple two-player game to play, and anyone can learn the rules in just minutes. You split the deck in half after shuffling it, with each of the players getting a half. After that, the goal is to get all the cards from your opponent’s deck. You both draw a card from the top of the deck, and whoever gets the higher gets to put the two cards next to his deck. In the case that you draw an equal card you put one card face down and then the next one face up and see which is higher. 


Go-fish is a card game that most children learn how to play first, but it is classic. Typically it’s played by two players, but up to ten players can play it – so it is perfect for get-togethers, sleepovers, and family reunions. It takes somewhere around 5-10 minutes to play one round. If you are teaching someone how to play Go-fish, we recommend letting them win a couple of rounds to boost their confidence m to feel a sense of achievement, especially if we are talking about kids.

Crazy Eights

The game is designed for a minimum of two players and a maximum of seven players.

The goal of Crazy Eights is to get rid of all your cards first. It’s a fairly simple game that you can also teach children and have a laugh while playing it. If five or fewer players play the game, then a deck of 52 cards will be enough. However, if you plan on playing with more players, you can combine two decks making a total of 104 cards.