There’s no doubt about the fact that gambling can be addictive and that it can lead to a huge monetary loss for people who don’t have control over it. Other times, for those who approach it in this manner, gambling can just be a source of fun if they only use the money that they intend to lose, especially in games of luck such as bingo, and even if they have a promo code for a casino. This begs the question that’s probably as old as the gambling itself: why do, in fact, people gamble?

To find the answer to this question we have to dig deep into psychology and the mechanisms of how a human brain functions. Is gambling any different from other addictive substances and activities and to what extent?


Gambling offers people a chance to win large sums of money without really working, and by just taking risks. Everybody can be drawn to this illusion that through gambling you can win easy money and walk away with it. The truth is quite different though. Only a small percentage of people actually win by gambling, and most of the money stays in the casino or at your bookie.

However, nobody can disprove the fact that this activity is fun. If we tell you that you can win, for example, $300 if you just put $100 on your favorite team to win in a football match, you too can be drawn into it easily. You will be excited watching the game, and you might get the adrenaline rush in the last few minutes waiting for a goal that can triple your wager.


Everyone likes to win. It makes you feel important and accomplished in many ways. Also, the basic instincts of survival tell you that you must overcome any challenge you come across and become victorious in order to survive. The fear of losing is another big factor. With gambling, people like to reject the chances of losing and often oversee the potential risks. When you’re on a winning roll, you only think about going forward. When, and if you eventually lose, you will think that you can win the money back just as easy as you lost it.


Advertisements can make you think that a certain product is better than the one next to it just because you saw it in a glamorous and engaging commercial. It creates a feeling that with this particular product you can really feel the benefits and get your money’s worth. Casinos are not that much different. They create an illusion of style and luxury, portraying people in their houses as a happy and sexy bunch, making you believe that you too can become one of them by just heading over to the casino.


All the things that we mentioned can lead to some serious addiction. Some people simply can’t live without the gambling excitement and the feeling of being a winner. Most people are not immune to propaganda either, and that’s why marketing is such an important part of our modern society.

The only tip that we can give to any gambler is that you should fight your gambling urges as much as possible and stay humble. Learn the game, understand your chances, and always have a limit on how much you are willing to spend.