Backpacking is a serious hobby that needs lots of understanding before you can just take off and start hiking. You have to know that it can be dangerous and realize how important it is to know the basics and first aid for the countryside. Even if you have gone backpacking before in the past and know a lot of things about it, it’s still a good idea to be even more prepared. Acquiring a book about this hobby and its basics are essential to being safe. First aid kits and survival kits are more items that everyone should have everywhere they go. We hope that’s just common sense.

Shoes are Very Important

No matter what you do any day – it requires some shoes. For hiking, you need some pretty good ones. Light boots made just for hiking is more appropriate than any other. You need something that will not be too hard to walk in and something that is just right to maneuver in tough terrain. You should look into the waterproof kind too. Also keep in mind that they don’t have to be the best either, especially when you shouldn’t be carrying too much. Hoisting a lot of weight on your back is not ideal, so it’s best to keep to just the basics and carry way less. This way, your boots can be average too. If it’s not going to be just one day, then a more sophisticated boot would be appropriate with heavier grounds and make sure they fit snug- you don’t want to go home too early with sore feet.

Essentials in the Backpack

Keep it very light. I say this because you don’t want to lug around a very heavy pack on your back all day long while you’re walking through very tangled forests and the such. Uphill is even worse and you’re bound to come across stuff like that. You need some good food that will last all day and water- lots of water. We go back and talk about the first aid kits again because you don’t know if something might make you stick around an area longer than normal. Being aware that things may not go to plan all of the time is the best way to stay safe. If you want stick around more than just a day with your travels, then you will obviously need more food and water with you. Packing a tent in your bag that is lightweight and capable of scrunching up tight is the best option. Find a good headlamp that will clip to your hat and then pick out the best cooking set to bring with on your journeys. Also, a good sleeping bag that will keep you warm enough during the night should be on the list.

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