Some people like to watch TV shows, others like to play board games. Traveling, photography, reading books, and working out seem to be the mainstream hobbies more or less everyone partakes in. However, there are a few unconventional, unorthodox, and plain weird hobbies that people like. We have made a humble list in case you feel like giving any of these a chance.

Bug Fighting

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There is a country that likes duels betting (but does not get to participate in it that much) – Japan. One way to get around many restrictions and laws is bug fighting. Two bugs are placed in a small plastic arena and their fights are recorded and uploaded to the internet. This hobby started in Japan but has spread a bit. People enjoy watching the matches and breeding the bugs.

Extreme Ironing

No, we don’t mean trying to make a suit look presentable when you are already late to a business meeting or wedding – that’s another kind of extreme ironing. Here, there is the added flavor of doing this chore in extreme situations, like skydiving, rock-climbing, kayaking, and others.

Toy Voyaging

You know those cutesy pictures some of your acquaintances and family members post on social media with themselves, animals, and/or toys in exotic locations? It’s like that, only a bit stranger. You register online to send your toy on a journey or host someone else’s toy and show it around your city. The toys are usually sent on a mission and the host needs to fill out a journal of the places the toy has seen. Quirky, fun, and it makes you experience your surroundings like a tourist if you can’t travel somewhere else.


Some people like to photobomb the news reports by being strange in the background of a recorded news segment in the field. Newsraiding is slightly more sophisticated. It involves placing yourself inconspicuously in the background and being in as many different news recordings and photos as possible.

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Tree Shaping

Is it ethical to grow a tree in precisely the right shape for you to sit on it like a chair? We don’t know. We do know that tree shaping is a real thing and it requires careful planning and patience. Some people grow their own furniture, while others use the plants for art installations.

Soap Carving

Unlike most carvings, soap carving may be the least stressful and the most pleasing, especially when you consider the practical side of having beautifully carved soap sculptures – using the soap once they melt or get damaged. Soap carving comes from Thailand.


As strange as it may seem, instead of practicing things like singing, doing impressions, yodeling, and even throat singing, some people practice mooing. Apparently, it is a big deal at the Racine County Fair, where people compete for the $1,000 prize.

Train Surfing

Arguably, the most dangerous hobby on this list is surfing on top of a train. Many people do this in Germany and, unfortunately, it often produces a fatal outcome. It’s dangerous and illegal, but for some people that fact gives the challenge an extra kick.

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