If you are into board games, then you must be well aware of just how many different board games are out there. Truth be told, some are really more interesting than others, but in reality, there is just about anything for everyone. However, this wasn’t always the case, in fact, the choice of board games was quite limited, for multiple reasons. One of which could be the inaccessibility of data that we can analyze, and see what people like and what just doesn’t feel good. 

In other words, there were classic board games, made for the masses, and a lot of modern board games were built on those design philosophies. So here are the original, or the most iconic board games of all time. 


One of the oldest games around really, and it’s really hard to compare it with current modern board games.

The reason why chess, or games similar to it, are so different is that there is almost no randomness involved. Chess is a purely fair and skill-based game, there are no random cards that you pull, you roll no dice etc. This is why a lot of people love chess and why it is also a sport, considering how you can get better at it. Yet, we have to put it on the list, as there are board games similar to chess, only with luck elements add it to it and optimized for more than two players. 


Monopoly is probably the most iconic board game out there, and what we all think about when someone mentions a term board game. It’s fun, it has randomness, and paints quite a grim picture of reality; if one person controls everything it’s only a matter of time before it becomes unplayable for other people. 


Risk is also one of the classics, and it does involve a lot of strategizing. The game is a bit more complex than monopoly, mainly because players don’t know each other’s objectives, and have to read the intentions of their opponents based on how they arrange their troops. If you love Risk, you should also give Risk Godstorm a try, as it is basically the same game only with a few more “divine” elements involved, which makes it way more fun. 


Clue really brought a new concept to the table, as it was a mystery tabletop game. Here players do not compete who gets more territory or has the most resources, it’s a competition who will solve the murder mystery first. It also gave players an opportunity to role-play a detective, which is a whole new layer of fun. 


Finally, we have to mention battleships, because it’s such an iconic guessing game, and you can play it anywhere, all you need is a few pencils and paper. This is also a guessing game in the essence, but in reality, it’s very simple to learn, modify with house rules, and basically add as many players as you want.  

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