We all want the best deals possible when we go shopping online. That’s why we’re here to tell you about the best tips to get what you want when you go into that big world wide web. When we see that new pair of boots for hiking or the new shoes for running on the trails, it’s a sudden urge that we just have to have them. Just don’t fall for the “too good to be true” scams that talk about an upcoming big sale on the greatest shoes and clothes for running.

Only Buy from Trusted Brands

The brands like Nike and Adidas are never going to let you down when you purchase them. Money spent there is money well spent. Trying out new brands and items that not too many people know about is very risky. The ones that have lots of reviews, purchases and have been around the longest are the ones that you should be getting from. Looking at lesser brands and seeing how cheap they are- are just that- cheap. You will not be satisfied with your order and they will wear out, break or get damaged so quickly you will have regretted not buying from the trusted sources (you could also be at risk of any information you have being breached). In the future, this leads to even more money because of buying something that is so cheap. Be aware of people pretending to be from these big companies that are looking to sell their items too. They make websites that look so similar to the real deal that it’s hard to tell. Just stick with the original and verified sites.

Are You on a Safe Site?

On the top of your screen where the URL is, look to the left and notice if it has a padlock in front of the “https”. If so, then the site you are in is secure. If not, then know that you could be in danger of your data and/or information being stolen. When you are on a protected site, it keeps your personal information private and is a lot safer – you can feel more at ease when you shop. If you didn’t know before now, the “s” on “https” actually stands for “secure” so you can be sure that you don’t need to worry.

Use Your Credit Card

It has been proven that credit cards are a lot safer than the debit cards when shopping online. When you take out your credit card and use it, there is no information that goes back to your money in the bank. It’s like its own place. To prove even more- you can also have a limit to how much money you take out at a time and this is very useful just in case of theft. This means you can have the money you worked so hard for stay put with no worries. Using Paypal is another great way to keep it secure. So don’t sweat it, use that motivation towards the gym and tracks.

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